X Banner stand 47" x 78" + Print Maximize

X Banner stand 47" x 78" + Print

X banner Stand (XXL ) 47" x 78" with print (graphics), our largest x banner stand, huge size for best impact, includes the graphic and stand. A high resolution printing in a wide range of media, all our prints come with a UV protection. 


  • Huge size for great impact
  • Size : (XXL) 47" x 78" 
  • Carryon bag Included
  • Made of fiberglass and aluminum
  • Quick assembly 

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X banner stand + print (XXL) 47" x 78" 

The largest X banner stand with a high resolution graphic that comes with a UV protection and printed on the finest media.

Our default selection is vinyl banner which is a high tensile media with resistance for water and  sunlight.



Easy to assemble

The X banner stand is a very friendly user product.

Easy to assemble and disassemble and very quick to mount (around 1 minute). 

Easy to carry  

The X banner stand is portable and light weight, after disassembling it you can store it or carry it with you with a minimum space needed.



X banner stand for sales and promotions 

The X banner stand is excellent for promotions and sales.

With an extra large size image this elegant and low cost banner stand will give you a professional promotion for your business.

X banner stand for presentation 

If you have an important presentation and you want to create a background or show information, the X banner will be perfect, you can have several prints and change them easily during the presentation.  



X banner stand for events and trade show 

The X banner stand is great for any trade show or event.

You can showcase you products or brand and assemble it minutes before the show without any complications.

Make you event look professional.

The kit of the X banner  

The X banner comes with 3 main parts and a carryon bag for FREE easy and simple.


Quality high resolution printing 

Our graphics are printed on HP outdoor printers for long durability.

You can select banner flex printing for outdoor and durability or textile printing for elegance



Take your time in selecting the best possible stand for your needs. There are many factors that determine the quality of service that the stand provides.

  • The first step in selecting x banner stands is to identify how often you will need to move the stand. The more often that the stand must be packed away and moved, the higher the level of quality that the x banner  stand must be in order to function without breaking.

  • Picking the ideal type of banner stand can prevent wasted money and ensure the best appearance possible. When you are considering the type of stand and its portability, you should consider aspects such as the tensioning mechanism, the base and the basic materials that the stand is made of.

  •  All of these things factor into how portable the stand is. In addition to this, the materials and construction can also give you a good idea of how easy the stand is to take apart and pack it o move it. Stands that are meant to be transported will typically come with a carrying case. When you order your stand, make sure that you have a suitable case for it so that it will not be damaged during transit.

  • If you plan on moving your x banner stands often, confirm how much the banner stand weighs. This will ensure that the stand is stable once it is installed and the banner is affixed to the stand.

When you order your x banner stand, you will often be given the option to order banners with your stand. Doing this is often a wise choice as it allows you to order banners guaranteed to fit with your specific stand. If you are interested in ordering banners at the same time that you order your stand, you should  have an idea of what you want printed on your banner. While you can receive design assistance for your banner, you want to have a general idea of what sort of banner will best serve your target audience.

The weight of the banner stand will be affected by the size of the stand you purchase as well as by how large of a banner it can support. When you are judging the weight of the banner stand, keep in mind that your banners will typically be stored with the stand. The weight of the banners you use with the stand should be factored in. When you order your stand, you should find out how much weight the stand can support.


  • Height 78"
  • Width 47"
  • Weight 9 lb
  • Color Black

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