Retractable banner stand ELITE 33 ½" X 79" Maximize

Retractable banner stand ELITE 33 ½" X 79"

RETRACTABLE BANNER STAND ELITE 33 ½" X 79" (structure only)  Is our regular size high quality retractable banner stand suitable for a medium and long term events, for fix or portable publicity exhibit promotions and sales.


  • Light weight
  • Size: 33 ½" X 79"
  • Carryon bag Included
  • Made of aluminum
  • Super fast assembly
  • high-quality materials

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Retractable banner stand ELITE
33 ½" X 79"

Made of aluminum.

Quality retractable banner stand for medium and long term applications.

Elegant and with a large image space.

Made to last.



Easy to assemble

The retractable banner stand is the easiest banner stand to assemble, it takes less then a minute to mount it without any special knowledge needed.   

Easy to carry  

Super portable and light weight, after disassembling it you can store it or carry it with you with a minimum space needed.

Retractable banner stand for sales and promotions 

The retractable banner is excellent for short term promotions and sales.

With a large image, this elegant and low cost banner stand will get you a professional promotion for you business.

Retractable banner stand for presentation 

If you have an important presentation and you want to create a background or show information, our retractable banner will be the best professional choice.  



Retractable banner stand for events and trade show 

The retractable banner stand will be a good selection for any trade show or event where you can showcase your products or brand and assemble it minutes before the show without any complications.

Make you event look professional.

The kit of the retractable banner  

The Retractable banner comes with 3 main parts and a carryon bag for FREE easy and simple.



As most of the modern world products, Retractable Banner Stands are also made in east Asia countries, but this is only the structure of the Retractable Banner Stand, the printed media and the assembling of the banner stand is made localy.

Retractable banner stands clients like their Retractable banner stands graffic customized, that's where we, bannerstands4less come into the picture, we supply the quickest, best price in the market for the prints as for the banner stands.
How do we do it you ask?... Well we are the most experts with retractable banner stands in the market.


  • Height 79"
  • Width 34"
  • Color Silver

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